YAE MUZIK is an Indie Label based out of Memphis Tennessee and was founded in 2009 by Antonio Fleming AKA Cartier Hugo. YAE MUZIK which originated in the North Memphis area focusing on building on the careers of artist of the underground realm of hip hop world.

YAE MUZIK has expanded with its own Publishing Company “YAE PUBLISHING” and has since signed several artists in the camp. YAE MUZIK focuses on helping build the indie artist by understanding the business side of an artist as well as establishing their craft of rap and hip hop.

The mission and vision of YAE MUZIK is collaborating raw new age millennium lyrics with a distinct delivery while also laying a new path for hip hop genre .

 YAE MUZIK  has partnered with  Nerve Djs  , LiveTones Studio,  Coldthoughts Clothing Inc ,  DJ AllSparks x  95 Spark Radio ,Memphis Music Commission ,KJAG RADIO, ATLWEBRADIO,  A3C to name a few , which continues to support business relationships and expand on the brand. 

 For YAE MUZIK we must continue to build the brand and let the world know who and what YAE MUZIK is all about. Its now 2017 the year of the underdogs with YAE MUZIK set to release projects from the YM Camp including Floss Tha  Dean “ Flossin  Is My Passion “ Album , and E3 “Untitled “ Debut EP , with YM compilation set to release  later this year. Stay tuned to  YAEMUZIK.COM for all new releases and YM news.

Without our Hustle the Dream will never become a reality.

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